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ArtDio - IPF-3000

ArtDio IPF-2000 series VoIP phone


  • Support Static/DHCP/PPPoE IP Types
  • Ear-phone, speaker-phone for lhand-free, handset and loud-speaker support(all are volume adjustable)
  • Changeable ringing tone including one for user customized (recorded)
  • Supports 2 concurrent calls
  • Multiple service domains for easy access to different ISPs (3 domains at most)
  • Address book(up to 500 entries) and call history
  • 3-way local conferencing
  • Out-of-dialog instant messaging
  • NAT & firewall support by STUN or pre-configured NAT Gateway port mapping
  • Support VAD CNG and de-jitter buffer
  • 8 Programmable DSS keys
  • One-touch dialing (Hot Lines)
  • Menu driven configuration by keypad or telnet.
  • Use of Trivial File Transport Protocol (TFTP) for image update
    EEE 802.11 Q VLAN tagging support
  • Supports both 802.1 P link layer precedence bits and IP layer type-of sevice (ToS)
  • SNMP for network management and supervision